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Junior Performance

Junior Performance Squad

This squad is a transitioning invitational squad from Junior States designed for swimmers that have shown the desired work ethic with a strong passion to transition to the next level of their training and racing. These swimmers easily gain state qualifying times and are working towards National qualifying times. They have shown their potential to transition through attitude, training ability and attendance. All swimmers must be competing at club level and all targeted club meets, these swimmers will also be competing at Junior State and looking toward State Age Championships, with a strong focus to podium.

Age range

11 to 13 years

Number of Sessions Available

Minimum 5 | Maximum 7 sessions per week also must attend the allocated gym session

Duration of Sessions

2 x 2 hours and 5 x 1.5 hours + 1 x 1 hour gym session


    • Must be willing to turn up to all Junior Performance solo sessions and at least 2 Junior States session each week.
    • Must be willing to work toward state age and national times
    • Must be looking toward transitioning into the National Age Squad
    • Must uphold a great training ethic
    • Must respect the members and coaches as well as the coach’s decisions at all times
    • Only attend Swim meets set by the head coach


    • The Head Coach may alter training sessions from time to time as the seasons and training levels change, dependant on the Head Coaches training schedule.
    • If a swimmer fails to perform at the appropriate level of the squad or behaves in any manner not accepted by the club and or Head Coach’s standards, the swimmer’s transition into the squad or membership may be revoked.
    • The Head Coach will have the final say in level selection of the athlete at all times.

Required equipment

    • 3L Water bottle
    • SBSC Club Cap
    • Goggles
    • DMC fins
    • Kickboard
    • Pull-bouy
    • Front-end Snorkel
    • Paddles
    • Strength Cord
    • Skipping Rope
    • Mobility Equipment
    • Roller / Spikey Ball