Mon-Fri 5:30-7:30am, 4:15-7:15pm, Sat 6:30-10am

Club Documentation

  • SBSC Member's Handbook

    Find out about our training, coaching, invoicing, payments, how to enter meets, Swimming WA membership, etc.

  • SBSC Fees and Membership Policy

    SBSC Policy regarding membership fees, refunds, credit, shutdowns, holidays, cancellations, etc.

  • SBSC Fee Adjustment Form

    Return this form to Admin Team to request an adjustment of squad fees for extended injury time (over 4 weeks) or holidays (over 6 weeks). See SBSC Membership and Fees Policy for details of circumstances where this is applicable.

  • Member Protection Policy & Code of Conduct

    All members of SBSC are bound Swimming Australia's National Integrity Framework, Policies and Rules. These documents include the Code of Conduct, Members Protection Policies, Anti-Doping Policy and various other codes of behavioiur expected of all members of Scarborough Beach Swimming Club, including Swimmers, Parents, Guardians, Coaches and Staff.

  • SBSC Constitution 2020

    SBSC Constitution (2020 to present)