Mon-Fri 5:30-7:30am, 4:15-7:15pm, Sat 6:30-10am

About us

SBSC Junior Rep

Scarborough Beach Swimming Club (SBSC) is an established A Grade Premiership swimming club celebrating its 58th year.

SBSC is situated at the iconic Scarborough Beach, Western Australia’s premier beachfront destination and our $26 million dollar 6 star green rated swimming pool has become an iconic local landmark, overlooking the coastline and picturesque Indian Ocean.

Our membership is aged 7 through to masters with swimmers ranging from early stroke development through to National level. Our Club is represented at many events throughout the year, both locally and Nationally. In addition to Swimming WA pool meets, our swimmers actively participate in Open Water Swimming events each summer, as well as the Rottnest Channel Swim where four of our swimmers placed in the top 10 for their category in 2020.

Our community is what sets our Club apart and is the key to our success. We invite you to join us in our quest to become the premier swimming club in Western Australia.

Where Are We?

Scarborough is one of the most important tourism destinations in the ‘Experience Perth’ tourism region. Its strength as a tourism destination and local service hub for residents is demonstrated by high employment figures, and its role as an attraction and event location that caters for the demands of international, interstate and intrastate visitors.

Scarborough’s revitalisation has built on its unique identity to create a diverse destination that complements the beachfront and, importantly, broadens its appeal to different visitors. A contemporary beach destination, alive with restaurants, cafés, shopping, entertainment and programmed activities attracts new visitors, local residents, workers and commercial investment.

Our Pool - Green Facts

Our 26 million dollar pool is the only WA pool to have a 6 star green energy rating incorporating Geo-thermally heated water via the Yaragadee aquifer deep below the ground, the main pool is 26C to 28C, while the learners pool is kept at 32C year round. Our pool uses rainwater for pool top up and filters cleaning, and uses water from the pool to keep the facility and surrounding offices cool via the air conditioning system in summer.

Overall, the features significantly reduce operational costs and save more than 3,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions each year, which is enough to offset the emissions of driving around the world 400 times. A multipurpose destination that services locals and visitors from further afield, it is situated on land that is an A Class Recreation Reserve.